Cat Claw Gauntlets
Device Type: Weapon
User: Rio Kizaki
Function: Each gauntlet holds three retractable steel blades, much in same manner as a certain comicbook character. Used for close-quarters attack and defense.
First Appearance: Ratman Chapter 46

As part of her new position as a Hero, each of Rio's gauntlets is armed with triple, retractable steel blades that greatlty enhance her close-quarters combat ability. Although this is in keeping with her catgirl theme, Rio is slightly embarrassed by them, but she does use them to great effect. In addition to increasing her reach and able to deal out more damage, there's a psychological factor which can intimidate her opponents. Her most effective usage of the claws is combining them with her Rio de Carnival attack, resulting in a new Killer Move called Rio The Beat Carnival.


Activation Phrase

The main weaknesses of the claws is the fact that they're short-range and are considered to be very dangerous to any innocent bystander. Therefore, Rio must take care NOT to injure any of the public. However, there's is a built-in safety for the claws, which also embarrasses her as much as acting like a catgirl. She has to go into a silly speech by saying, "Meow! I am angry now!" and then strike a pose for the claws to be activated.