Computer Applications(Apps)
Device Type: Computer Program Applications
Function: Weapons & Equipment Deployment
User: IS-KA
First Appearance: Ratman Chapter 42

IS-KA uses these Computer Applications or Apps to summon various functions of his armor or weapons and equipment from his Smartphone Computer . The process as to how this works is unclear, but apparently by making a selection from the holographic drop-down menu initiates the function of the selected program application. The computer app either takes the form of an energy-construct, such as his Security Firewall barrier and his Fly High wings, or as physical objects like his Twin Blasters or his Lightsaber.

It is possible that he either stores his equipment by some subspace pocket and he merely summons what he wants by selecting from the drop-down menu. Another theory is that it may be similar to Shuto's Append Gear and the S Gene. Since the Append Gear adds mass from an outside source to an S Gene recipient and therefore makes Shuto taller as Ratman, it is possible that IS-Ka's S Gene allows him to use his Computer Apps to form solid constructs from an outside source as well.

The following are a listing of the known Computer Apps in IS-KA's aresenal:

Transforming App
Security Firewall App
Fly High App
Electric App
Electric App
Twin Blaster App
Lightsaber App
Heavy Metal App
Hero Booster App