D-Rank Arm Cannon
Device Type: Weapon
User: D-Rank Heroes
Function Supposedly fires an electromagnetic beam, but is deemed as useless against living and organic material.
First Appearance: Ratman Chapter 4
This is a generic energy-firing weapon used by the D-Rank Duo. According to them, it supposedly fires a powerful electromagnetic beam, but technically speaking, it would be considered useless against organic or living material. Therefore, when they fired at the Jacky Combatant, there was no effect other than an impact equivalent to being hit in the back with a soccerball. An additional weakness to this weapon is the fact that they can't grasp anything with their hands inside the cannons

Both D-Rank Heroes are shocked and disgusted when their Killer Moves fail to stop a relatively weak 'criminal.' This suggests that they are not familiar with the limitations of their weapon.


Upgraded Arm Cannon

By the time of the Hero Booster Arc, both have their weapons and powers upgraded to the point in which their strength and cannons can now do serious damage and can give Van Guardner and Ankaiser some problems in handling them. At this time, their cannons are powerful enough to blow up a cargo truck and would be considered as equivalent to Ankaiser's Dragon Cannon.

Mega-Arm Cannon

The weapons become further upgraded with another infusion of Dark S Gene energy, making them capable of heavily damaging a portion of a city block. At this level, the cannons are about equal to Ratman's Breath Laser, causing Van Guardner's upgraded shield powers to being pushed to their limits. Once they receive the counter-program to the Hero Booster, the two are restored to normal and their weapons revert back to their original and weaker designs.