Fake Hero
Fake Hero
Alias Hero
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Bad
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) None
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
The Birth of Smallest Hero

The "Hero" that came to rescue Shuto and Mirea, only to be easily subdued by the Jackies. Only after Shuto saved Mirea, did he reveal himself to be a Jacky Combatant in disguise.


Real appearance

Fake Hero's real appearance

He is a muscular, but not overly built man with a strong jaw, butt chin and jet black hair styled back. He weares a open military vest, a scarf wrapped around his neck, with a white t-shirt that blatently states "I'm a HERO!"


He comes off as quite idiotic. Lampshading he fell for such a obvious trap set by Jackal and proudly announced himself rather than stop anything that was going on. He is also, even stated by Shuto, as a "pushover" as the Jackies easily pummeled him. Though do to the fact it is later revealed he was merely a Jacky in disguised, he was obviously faking it to make sure Shuto accepted the Append Gear so to "save" Mirea.


First Crime Arc

He suddenly appears out of nowhere after Shuto and Mirea are kidnapped by Jackal. He burst in but just as soon as as he enters he is immediately beaten up by the other Jackies.

When Shuto sees Mirea about to be lowered into the vat of acid, the Fake Hero offers the chance to save her by giving him the Append Gear. However, also forces Shuto to sign a suspicious contract before he could obtain it. Despite thinking it was suspicious, Shuto signs it and takes the Append Gear to transform into Ratman and swiftly saves Mirea.

After Shuto saves Mire, it is revealed that he was tricked into signing the contract. Fake Hero reveal himself to be a Jacky in disguise.


  • This is so far the only time a Jacky has talked.