Alias G9
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Evil
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) Unknown
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliation Hero Association (supposedly)
Anyone who hires him, even the criminals
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 25
Food Chain

G9 is a member of the Hero Association, however he works for criminals to fight other Heroes.


G9 Face

A close up of G9's face

G9 is a well build adult male. He wears a one piece suit, with armor over his chest, shoulders, wrists, and maybe legs. He also wears a helme. It is currently unknown what G9 looks like.


G9 is shown to not care about the Hero Association. He is also willing to work for a drug leader as long as he gets payed.


He is a man that became a Hero some time ago. It is unknown if he has always worked for criminals or if he changed for another reason. According to Ankaiser, he is considered a laughing stock amounts other heroes, which could have been the reason for him switching sides.


Unchain Arc

He was hired by the leader of the group that was dealing drugs throughout the city to protect him the day Heroes were sent after him. Despite being known for being armed to the teeth he was easily defeated by an upgraded Ankaiser using his new killer move.

His actions are later covered up by the Hero Association, as to avoid any bad publicity and the destruction is blamed on the criminals. For aiding the drug dealers, it is most likely that G9's Hero's License was revoked.


Like any hero he has enhanced strength and reflexes. Though his abilities are not scene he is described as being "armed to the teeth and doesn't hold himself back with the rules of the Hero Association", he was easily defeated before his abilities could be seen.

He is also described as a joke among the Hero Association, however since it was Ankaiser who stated this it is unknown how true this is.


Drug Lord

G9 was hired by the drug lord to protect him from other heros.


  • His addition to the Code of Hammurabi, "An Eye for an Eye, A Tooth for a Tooth, and a Hero to fight other Heroes", is a similar quote the characters from the Manga Series Code:Breaker.