Jet Pack
Kanji ジェットパック
Romaji Jietto Pakku
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 45

A Jet Pack (ジェットパック, Jietto Pakku) is what Rio Kizaki uses to get around when in her Hero Mode. This is considered as a somewhat odd choice of transport for her, as she has been revealed to be acrophobia. However, she later does seem to get over her fear of heights, or may be too focused on fighting crime to worry about it.

The top speed and range of this device are unknown, but can be assumed to be short distance, (due to limited fuel constraints) and under 100 mph, (or she'd wouldn't be able to breathe properly without an air mask). It has maneuvering wings that help her steer and control her altitude. It is guided either by hidden controls in Rio's costume or remotely by Andou Hironobu.


Jet Pack in its storage mode

When not in use, the jet pack compresses itself to a smaller form to save space and energy. Apparently, the device itself is light enough not to unbalance Rio's movements.