Kaiser Gym
Company Type: Fitness Center specialized in boxing and kickboxing
Sponsored Hero: Ankaiser
Current Status: Active, renamed and registered with the Hero Association

Former Appearance

Formally called the One-Way Gym, it was a small-time fitness center that specialized in boxing and kickboxing. It is here that many young aspiring boxers train to become professionals and it is apparently where Ankaiser got his start. Members also include office workers and women who use the facilities to get in shape and work off stress.

The owner later bought new equipment, and registered with the Hero Association, in order to help out the former A Rank hero Ankaiser by having him as their sponsored hero. As a result, it was renamed the Kaiser Gym. However, since the gym is a smaller, lower-income business than ANK Securities , Ankaiser must once again start over as a D Rank hero, though he vows to regain his A-Rank status in six months.

Ironically, it is this gym that Shuto goes to in order build himself and get stronger. Even more ironic is the fact that he received boxing tips from Ankaiser. Now that Ankaiser knows who Ratman is, it is uncertain whether Shuto will return to this gym or seek another place in order to train.