Kizaki Mansion
Kizaki Mansion 2
Building Type Mansion
Specialties: Holds all the information concerning every member of the Hero Association
Holds secret information concerning Shiningman and the S Gene

The Kizaki Mansion is Rio and Shouichirou Kizaki's home, as well as a information hub for the Hero Association.




Ratman and the Jacky Combatants break into the mansion in order to steal the information concerning every hero in the Association. Despite encounters with Rio and Ankaiser, the mission is a success and the information is posted on the Internet, though it is immediately shut down the next day.


Ratman and the Jacky Combatants again break into the mansion, this time to find information concerning the S Gene and Shiningman. It is here that Rio learns of Shuto's real identity as Ratman.


Despite it being the home for the Kizaki family, it also holds all the personal information to every single hero that has recived a Hero's License. It supposedly has a very good security system, though the Jacky Combatants are able to break into the house with relatively little effort.

There also seems to be a hidden room somewhere on the compound that holds something vastly important. As Shouichirou wanted to make sure that room above all else was not found when Ratman broke in. This is later revealed to be a huge data storehouse which concerns the original S Project and the secrets of Shiningman.