Mr. Carsonbo
Mr. Carsonbo
Alias Mr. Carsonbo
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Good
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) Sonbo Gun
Occupation Commercial Hero
Insurance Agent
Affiliation Hero Association
Sunny Insurance
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 28
Fierce Fight!!

Mr. Carsonbo is a Hero of the Hero Association. He is the commercial hero of Sunny Insurance.


His real face is never seen, but he wears the standard superhero costume, tights, and cape, along with a visor-headmask with two antennae.


He appears to have a happy personality, as he was eager to help some people that were just in a car accident and give them insurance from his company. However he doesn't take kindly to rude people and was offended when they called him weird looking. His Hero License was never stated, though his powers are approximately D-Rank.


At Some point Mr. Carsonbo became a hero.


Unchain Arc

During the time in which the Hero Killers were attacking the city, Mr. Carsonbo was busy offering insurance policies at the scene of a car crash. He is attacked by one of the monsters, in which he shoots at it with his gun. However, his weapon is proven to be ineffective and the Hero Killer knocks him away.



Sonbo Gun

Sonbo Gun : A gun Mr. Carsonbo uses the shoot the opponent with a barrage of bullet.