Mr. and Mrs. Hosokawa
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male/Female
Side Good
Family Taishi Hosokawa aka Fatman(son)
Anzu Hosokawa(daughter)
Professional Characteristics
Occupation Restaurant owners
Affiliation Pizza Fat
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 20

Mr. and Mrs. Hosokawa are the current owners of the food-chain named Pizza Fat. They are also the parents of Fatman and his sister Anzu.


Like the name of their family-owned business, both parents are quite fat, with Fatman's father having dark hair, sunglasses and a small mustache. His mother has peach-colored hair like Anzu's. Both of their children were also chubby, but their daughter Anzu later went on a diet.


Both have an easy-going attitude and get along with anyone, even with their competition at Bison Burger. In fact, Mr. Hosokawa isn't one to pass up free burgers. However, unlike his wife, Fatman's father does have a bit of a rebellious streak, such as building the Fat-Mobile behind his spouse's back. Both love their children very much and Mr. Hosokawa's Apricot Sweet Pizza, (named after his daughter), later became one of Pizza Fat's hottest sellers.


The Pizza Fat chain has been in the family for an unspecified time, and the current owners still believe that one should not sacrifice taste for calories. Like their motto says, 'Who gives a Rat's Ass about calories?'


Normal Life Arc

Both parents make their debut when they watch their children work together in the kitchen to re-create the family Apricot Sweet Pizza. They fondly remembered their own past and marveled at how fast their children were growing up. Later on, Mr. Hosokawa unveiled his secret project, the Fat-Mobile to his son in order to help him deliver his pizza before Bison Burger made its delivery. Though the end result was the car getting smashed, both restaurants were able to make their deliveries, courtesy of Anzu and Ratman.

Hero Booster Arc

When Mr. Big Horn is upgraded to C-Rank and Bison Burger gets a surge of business, Mr. Hosokawa suggests to his son to follow his rival's example and exercise more, but Fatman dismisses that idea.