Nozomi Katsuragi
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Female
Side Good
Family Shuto Katsuragi (son)
Ana Katsuragi(twin daughter)
Yuna Katsuragi(twin daughter)

Atsuto Katsuragi (husband)

Professional Characteristics
Occupation Single mother, occupation unknown
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
The Birth of Smallest Hero

Nozomi Katsuragi is the mother of Shuto Katsuragi, Ana Katsuragi, and Yuna Katsuragi. Her husband is Atsuto Katsuragi.


Nozomi is an average sized woman.


She appears to be a kind and loving mother, such as telling Ana to not pick on her brother as well as wondering what her son might be up to.


Nozomi appears to be a single-mother who takes care of her son and twin daughters. There is no mention of her husband and it is assumed that she is a widow or divorced.


First Crime Arc

Though not seen she could be heard telling her daughter Ana to leave her brother alone and stop making fun of him while he read the newspaper.

Hero Awards Arc

After the Hero Awards incident, she tells her son to anything inappropriate when he head to Rio's house to thank Rio.

Normal Life Arc

Sometime later, she calls Shuto and tells him that she can't find his sisters. Later as when Ana and Yuna are returned safely, she is glad to see them and hugs them.

Unchain Arc

A few days later, she meets with Shiki when Shuto brings him over. She then offers his some strawberry tart after Shiki sweet talks her.

Hero Booster Aftermath


Shuto's Mom with Shiningman?

Later while her son was invading the Kizaki Mansion as Ratman, Nozomi began tidying up his room. She comes across his picture with Shiningman. She shows to have some memories concerning the incident in which he was injured, which indicates that she has a deeper connection with the missing hero.


She shows no abilities above a normal human. However, she can usually stop Ana from picking on her older brother.



She is unaware that her son is Ratman. But she does worry and care for him.

Ana and Yuna

She loves her twins as much as she does her son and constantly worries about them.


  • Nozomi may have some connection to Shiningman.