Alias Roiko
Personal Characteristics
Gender Female
Side Good
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) Missile Expert
Affiliation Andou Electronics
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 22
Runaway Android!?

Androiko or Roiko, as she goes by, is an android made by Andou Hironobu.


Roiko has long hair going below her waist. Her limbs have a toy like aspect to them.


She is a kind girl who wants nothing more than to be a helpful to her creator, however she is clumsy and her constant loss of power subverts this. She even went out of her way to try to become a Hero as to support them though caused a lot of damage in the attempt to capture a Jacky.


She was created by Dr. Andou and for some reason she gained sentience, though he has no idea how. She has cohabitated with him ever since.


Normal Life Arc

Due to the fact of her massive power consumption, and that her master is unemployed, Roiko decided to try and get a Hero's License in order to help pay the bills. However, her good intentions result in disaster as she chases after one of the Jacky Combatants and accidentally goes into her default battle-mode. The ensuing chase causes massive damage to a city block before Andou finds her and shuts her down.

Hero Booster Arc

Roiko is seen with Andou at Andou Electronics as her master guides Catgirl Rio to her first victory. She finds her master's fetish for catgirls to be strange and perverted.


Super warrior fist

Being an android she has abilities humans do not have. Unfortunately she has power issues and shuts down for hours at a time if she does not recharge regularly. Furthermore, these sudden shutdowns also cause her to lose her short-term memories of events prior to them. Her power needs are also very high as Andou stated he could run four air conditioners for as much as it takes to charge her and one of the reasons for his dwindling savings. For her safety, Dr. Andou equips her with weapons with the intention that they are use to defend herself.


  • Thrusters: She has them in her legs that allows her to fly.
  • Laser Blade: The bracelets around her wrists can emit a laser blade that lets her cut things.
  • Missiles: She has missiles hidden underneath her skirt.
  • Submachine: Her right arm can turn into a submachine gun.


  • Super Warrior Fist: Roiko ejects her fist from her arm in a missle like way.


Andou Hironobu

Andou is the person who created her.


  • Roiko is the first (if not, only) android shown in the series.