Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Not Evil but Selfish/Opportunistic
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) None
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 15
Magazine Debut!? Though very Happy, I am Shameful.

Takigawa works at Kadoyama Press.


Takigawa is an avargae adult with short black hair. He wears a white short sleeve, button down shirt, and black pants.


He seems to only be interested in getting the story, despite the fact he puts little actual research into them. Chihaya comments that each one of his articles are pretty much nothing more than gossip magazines. He also doesn't seem to care who his stories might harm in the process as he was ready to post a story suggesting that Mirea is working for an Evil Organization despite the only evidence was getting a picture of her next to a Jacky.

He also takes this viewpoint outside of the magazine, as he automatically assumed the only reason Ratman came after him or damaged the company roof was because of the story he wrote.


He joined the Heroes Magazine six months ago and since then only seems to have an interest in raising himself to the top of the ladder as fast as possible. He is known for posting many articles for the paper that he puts little time into actually researching.


Threat Of S Arc

Takigawa is first seen being praised by the editor-in-chef for his article. He is then confronted by Chihaya about the story, which he tells her about the industry. Later that night, Takigawa is working late on an article about Mirea and jacky. After finishing, Takigawa gets into his car and heads to where the maganize will be printed. After dropping off the article, Takigawa is cought by Ratman and reveals that already drop the article off. He then meets with Chihaya and reveals what happened. When Chihaya heads after Ratman, he tries to stop her.


Takigawa is a normal person.